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Go from Anonymity to Thought Leader at the Click of a Mouse™ – and Leave Your Competitors in the Dust

How to Win Prospects – Step-by-Step

Use our B2B Branding and B2B PR Program to get your message before more prospects and start generating B2B leads. Stop relying only on people finding you. Start attracting attention virtually anywhere your prospects are.

How does it work?

Discover how we achieved more than 36,000 views for a client’s LinkedIn post and had the company featured in Bloomberg Businessweek, Fast Company and American Banker? 

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Our programs are customized but generally include these 7 steps:

1. Develop Messages that Resonate

Are your key messages as crisp and clear as possible? Do they adequately differentiate you? Through our structured Immersion Workshop, we dig deep to discover the words, tone and images that best define and position you. We then refine your key messages. The result: Your brand tells an engaging story that sets you apart.

2. Create a PR Action Plan

This is your roadmap to get you up and running quickly, yet positioned for ongoing growth. It syncs with your marketing initiatives and provides specific milestones and deliverables.

3. Secure “The Trusted Stamp”

Third-party endorsements. They provide credibility and a sheen of authority. Our B2B clients, including startups, have been quoted in virtually every top media outlet from the Financial Times to the New York Times to the Wall Street Journal…to appearances on CNBC and Bloomberg TV…to interviews with industry luminaries like Robert Scoble.

We also reach out to industry and trade media, bloggers, organizations and influencers in your space to create an echo so powerful it is heard virtually everywhere your audience is.

4. Develop Your Thought Leadership

B2B buyers care as much about Who you are as What you sell.

Want to become a go-to person for the media and be viewed as more trustworthy by clients and prospects? We shine up your credentials so you attract prospects. We get you speaking and your byline on business and trade publications. We do the work. You reap the benefits.

5. Boost your branded content’s reach

Want to maximize the power of your PR and marketing? Then don’t rely on the “if we build it, they will come” paradigm. We create a halo effect for your branded content with press releases, blog posts, SlideShares and social media — among other avenues— ensuring as many prospects engage with your content.

6. Amplify your PR’s impact

We ensure the largest number of prospects see your media. How? We help you promote it in multi-channels, including social media, landing pages, email, mobile and events. Our mission is to drive people to your website to take a specific action and become a viable B2B lead.

7. Track results

We’ll work with you to track the results of your program. You'll know how many people got to your site and how many took the next step. Then we’ll help you refine your program based on results.


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